Heterochromia: When Eyes Don’t Match

Gray cat with heterochromia

What’s the first thing you notice about a person when you meet them? Statistically, there’s a good chance it’s their eye color! A striking pair of eyes can really make an impression — and that goes double when they’re two different colors. The scientific term for having different colored eyes is heterochromia, and it affects […]

Is Blue Light Bad for Our Eyes?

Young boy looking at a phone's screen in the dark

How big of a role does a bright screen play in your nightly routine? Since the advent of handheld devices that could access the internet, a lot of us have been browsing websites late into the night, our eyes glued to a bright little screen, making sure we haven’t missed any updates before we go […]

A Few Tips for Protecting Your Eyesight

Young girl with light against her hair, wearing sunglasses

Having healthy eyesight is a critical component of maintaining a good quality of life. As many as one sixth of adults struggle with an eye condition that threatens their sight, and far more will experience a certain amount of vision loss as they get older. Some of the leading causes of low vision and blindness […]

Know the Signs of Child Eye Problems

Young girl smiling happily at camera outside

Healthy eyesight is hugely important to a child’s development and education. As much as 80% of all learning is visual, and it’s estimated that more than half of childhood learning difficulties come from undiagnosed vision problems. What can parents do to ensure their kids don’t have to struggle with the social and educational disadvantages of […]

Winter Eye Protection

Closeup shot of person in snow gear with their eyes covered

It may seem strange, but sunglasses are just as important in winter as they are in summer. The same UV rays that give us sunburns on the beach are just as dangerous on a snowy mountain. Even if most of our skin is covered by thick layers of snow gear, our eyes can still be […]

How Smoking Harms Eye Health

Closeup shot of young person destroying a cigarette close to screen

Smoking is harmful to every system in the body, including eyesight. Lung cancer is the risk we most commonly associate with a smoking habit, followed by oral health problems, but it doesn’t stop with the parts of the body the smoke comes in contact with. As eye doctors, we want to focus on how smoking […]

Diabetes and Eyesight

Older woman smiling at camera

Healthy vision is one of the many things diabetes can harm if it isn’t carefully controlled. This is true for both type 1, type 2, and even gestational diabetes (which works like type 2 while it lasts). With diabetes, the risk of developing a number of eye diseases goes up, including cataracts, diabetic macular edema […]

A Brief History of Glasses

Painting of an older gentleman reading papers with glasses

People have been using vision-correcting tools of some kind since as early as 60 A.D. Roman philosopher Seneca from that time used a glass globe of water to magnify the text he was reading, and Emperor Nero couldn’t see gladiator fights very well without his magnifying emerald. We’re glad we don’t have to rely on […]

Sleep and Vision

Young woman sleeping with eye mask over her eyes

When we don’t manage to get a full night’s sleep, we feel it long into the next day. Studies show that sleep deprivation has similar effects on the body and mind as alcohol. But what does sleep have to do with eyesight? You might be surprised. Getting enough sleep does wonders for our overall health, […]

Be Careful When Buying Costume Contacts

Closeup shot of woman in cosplay and makeup, wearing custom contact lens

Colored contact lenses are sometimes the perfect final touch to take a Halloween costume to the next level. Unfortunately, not all costume lenses are created equal — or with equal concern for wearer safety. With Halloween coming up, we want to give all of our costume-loving patients some guidance on how to find great costume […]