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Vision Source Eye Center of the Triad is happy to introduce

Revelution PHR

How do I access RevolutionPHR?

Click on the link above. Your username is your first initial of your first name, last name and last two digits of your birth year with no spaces. (Ex. John Smith born in 1978 would have a login of jsmith78)

Note: Usernames are required to be at least 8 characters long. If you have a short last name, you may need to use your entire birth year instead of just the last 2 digits. Ex. cmay1972.

If this is your first time logging into RevolutionPHR and you have not received your temporary password via email, please call our office at 336-271-2020 or email us at

Please note: As of August 2014, family accounts are available to replace previous individual logins.

If you are a parent logging in for the first time for a child’s account, please use your own login information as listed above or that was emailed to you to access the family account.

If you previously had individual accounts for each family member, and would like to combine these, please call our office so that we can reset your accounts.

What is RevolutionPHR?

The acronym PHR stands for “Personal Health Record” and represents an online location where you and only you can view important information about your relationship with us.

RevolutionPHR utilizes the highest standards of online security while allowing you to view portions of your eye care record through any standard Internet browser on a PC or Mac computer or an iPad We encourage you to use the Login information created specifically for you to review the many features available.

You can decide if access to RevolutionPHR is right for you, and participation is completely optional. We have no record of your access and we allow you to use this online portal at your discretion.

What can I do in RevolutionPHR?

  • Update us with changes in key information such as new phone numbers, email addresses, addresses, and more.
  • Complete your pre-exam interviews online. This information automatically is added to your patient chart in our system which leads to a more accurate and efficient exam.
  • Schedule appointments any time of day.
  • Check the status of glasses and contact lens orders.
  • See billing statements.

Revelution PHR