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Wavefront Corneal Molding Process (WCM)

What is it and how can it help me?  The fundamental concept is reshaping (flattening) of the central cornea of the eye by use of a RGP contact lens or mold to reduce refractive errors and moves the focal points back on the retina which creates crystal clear vision.  It assists in the treatment of Myopia (nearsightedness and/or Astigmatism).  After your night time wear of the custom lens that perfectly fit your eye and prescription – your cornea retains its flattened shape for the remainder of the day and even up to three days.  It’s the only system in the world that is unique since it is the only system utilized the up to 14,000 readings of each patients unique cornea when captured with a Keratron topographer (same type of instrument used when having Wavefront guides LASIK surgery which is then analyzed by the advanced Wave software for study by the doctor.  A unique corneal mold is designed based on the patients specific corneal surface, corneal size and shape factors, pupil diameter, spectacle prescription, corneal philosophy and epithelial thickness.

The Benefits of NightLens —

  • You don’t have to throw your lens away or change them often unless one breaks
  • The lenses are custom designed for your eyes only
  • More comfortable than regular lenses
  • You don’t have to wear glasses & contact lenses
  • Satisfied patients since 1999
  • Quick replacements for broken or lost lenses
  • Relief from daytime contact lens complications
  • Sports performance – no hassles with glasses or contacts
  • Safe and non – surgical
  • Reversible and adjustable

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